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Transition of mining regions

Coal and lignite mining regions in Europe face unprecedented social and economic challenges as Europe transforms towards a zero-carbon economy.

It is a process of changing the type of economy from high-emission to zero-emission, with particular emphasis on the well-being of local people in terms of continuity of employment and the environment in which they live. It is about creating alternative branches of economy and providing jobs to people who lose them as a result of the gradual closure of enterprises such as mines or power plants. It must be carried out as follows:
in accordance with the previously planned schedule,
with the participation of the community concerned.
One of its pillars is the Just Transition Fund, which indicates a list of activities that can be financed from it (art. 4):
production-related investment in SMEs, including start-ups, leading to economic diversification and economic restructuring;
investments in business creation, including through business incubators and consulting services;
investments in research and innovation activities and promoting the transfer of advanced technologies;
investments in the implementation of technologies and infrastructures ensuring affordable clean energy, in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and energy from renewable sources;
investments in digitization and digital connectivity;
investments in regeneration, decontamination and restoration of areas and projects changing their purpose;
investments in strengthening the open circuit economy, including through waste prevention and reduction, resource efficiency, re-use, repair and recycling;
improving and changing qualifications of employees;
assistance in job search for jobseekers;
active inclusion of jobseekers;
technical support.
Regions can take advantage of the JTF if they have an approved Territorial Just Transition Plan. You can read about the plan for Silesia, prepared by the Marshal’s Office, on the following website