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City Council

The Jastrzębie-Zdrój City Council consists of 23 councillors. The current composition of the Council was determined as a result of the elections held on October 21, 2018. The councillors were elected for a five-year term.

The City Council is a decision-making and control body. It deliberates in sessions, which are usually held once a month, on Thursdays, except in July and August. Moreover, at the request of 1/4 of the councillors or the Mayor of the City, the chairman of the Council convenes an extraordinary session.

Councillors elect a chairman and no more than three vice-chairmen from among themselves. The tasks of the chairman include, inter alia, organizing the work of the Council, chairing the session of the Council, representing the Council outside, and organizing and coordinating the work of the Council’s committees. Currently, the chairman is Piotr Szereda.

Permanent committees operate at the Council, including the audit committee provided for in the Act on Communal Local Government, whose tasks include controlling the activities of the Mayor of the City and municipal organizational units and auxiliary units of the city.

A club of councillors can be created by at least three councillors.

The Council examines matters falling within its competence at sessions and decides about them by way of resolutions. The initiative to adopt a specific resolution may be proposed by: the chairman of the Council, a club of councillors, a committee of the Council, at least three councillors and the Mayor of the City.

Voting at sessions of the Council is open, except for situations provided for in the Act. Since September 2005, voting has been carried out using a vote-counting device. Admission to the City Council session as well as the committee meeting is open.

The councilors' interpellations can be found here.