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The changes related to the fourth industrial revolution go beyond the ICT industry or new material technologies and have an impact not only on areas related to robotics, production automation and information technologies.
One of the changes that industry 4.0 brings is the increase in creative activity and creativity – what’s more, there is a clear relationship between the development of the ICT industry and the implementation of new information and technology solutions and the development of the so-called creative industries.
Changes in these areas have an impact in other sectors of the economy and in the lifestyles of workers and consumers. Hence, there is a need not so much for physical rest, but for recreation, entertainment and development in free time.
The leisure industry provides services and products to consumers to meet their needs for leisure activities, experiences and amenities, in particular sports, culture, recreation, entertainment, dining and leisure activities outside their homes, betting, gaming, and accommodation.
The just transition mechanism related to the greatest European challenge, achieving climate neutrality by 2050, is primarily an opportunity for the economic development of mining cities and communes.
It is an opportunity to develop sectors that have so far suffered as a result of active coal mining, such as the leisure industry related to the history of Jastrzębie-Zdrój, i.e. tourism.
The city has been systematically implementing its development strategy since November 2020. As the first mining city in the region, it has a realistic plan related to the implementation of the European Green Deal guidelines and aimed at diversifying sectors in the face of economic, digital, energy and social transformation.
Due to its spa traditions, location and potential, the sector related to the leisure industry is actively developing.

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