For the tourist

Worth seeing

We are glad that you wish to visit Jastrzębie-Zdrój! If you wish to feel the charm of the old spa, understand the power of historical changes, see a young city with a great history – come and visit our city!


First of all - you cannot miss the Spa Park. The place where the inhabitants find relaxation every day was once the centre of a spa. To this day, thanks to the numerous preserved monuments, you can feel the charm of the former spa here. The buildings of the former spa house cultural institutions and premises, thanks to which the Park is vibrant with life. Library, City History Gallery, summer cafe, Spa House ... you can read about them in the “Monuments” tab.

Let us not forget about the inhalatorium - it allows you to rest while you inhale medicinal brines sprayed in front of the illuminated fountain. The style of the inhalatorium refers to the promenade that once existed here.

It was here where free Saturdays were won. Thanks to the courage of miners from Jastrzębie mines fighting with the previous political system in the 1980s, the name of the city has become a permanent part of the history of the Polish road to freedom. The Monument to the Jastrzębie Agreement stands near the Zofiówka mine, once known as the July Manifesto. This historic place will forever remain one of the symbols of Solidarity and free Poland. In 2020, we decided to celebrate the 40th anniversary of these events with a mural on one of the blocks on the main avenue of the city - Piłsudskiego Avenue.

In our spare time we entertain and relax. In summer we bathe in Zdrój and in winter in Laguna. We go ice skating on the year-round Jastor ice rink. We love walking in the Spa Park, but also in the Park at Żeromskiego Street. However, our favourite place each summer is OWN (Ośrodek Wypoczynku Niedzielnego - Sunday Leisure Centre) - with a graduation tower, a water playground, a scenic park, beautiful green areas - they will charm you, too. And that’s not all - the modernization of this place is still in progress!

Of course, that’s not all! Go to the Monuments tab to see the pearls of spa and sacred architecture. Check at the Memorials which memorial plaques and monuments can be admired in our city. You can also attend a virtual tour of the City History Gallery.

Come and visit Jastrzębie-Zdrój!