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Jastrzębie Nature Trail

Following nature

The city of Jastrzębie-Zdrój is developing a course of a pedestrian and bicycle trail, which aims to indicate the natural values of the city.
This trail is to create a consistent trail that is easy to follow, and also easy to walk in forest areas, allowing you to get acquainted with the numerous green areas in the city, with their characteristic elements.
For example, in the Kyndra Forest, the route is planned in such a manner that everyone can see the Oak growing there, having the status of a natural monument.
In selected places along the trail, the plan is to install wooden elements of small architecture - benches, bicycle stands as well as information boards, indicating in a graphic and descriptive form, inter alia, the most important elements of fauna and flora present in a given area.
Appropriate markings to facilitate navigating the trail are to appear, among others, on the Iron Bicycle Trail. They will lead to the Biadoszek Forest or the Szotkówka Valley, for example.
In addition to the above-mentioned points, the trail will also run through the Ruptawiec Forest, the Sunday Leisure Centre and the Spa Park.
The route of the trail will run along the existing paths and there are no plans to interfere with their natural course in green areas.
Currently, further arrangements are in progress with the owner of the site, which, if they are successfully completed, will allow for the implementation of the markings of the trail.
The plan is that the trail will run through:
•          Szotkówka River Valley,
•          Biadoszek Forest,
•          Pastuszyniec Forest,
•          Ruptawiec Forest,
•          Kyndra Forest,
•          Sunday Leisure Centre,
•          Spa Park,
•          Wodzisławskie Ponds.