Business zone

Hi-Tech City

Mining has always been our everyday life. For many years, it will still be the main industry in our region. The underground wealth of our land is coking coal, now an indispensable raw material for steel production, considered strategic for the European economy.
However, in the era of transformations, we pay due attention to conditions for the development of the new IT technology sector, services for business and industry 4.0.
Cooperation with universities - Silesian University of Technology, University of Economics in Katowice.
The University of Economics provides substantive support to profiled fields of study in secondary schools. Together with the city, it conducts joint activities in the preparation and implementation of the process of just transformation and economic diversification of Jastrzębie-Zdrój.
Including local economic communities in the transformation activities that implement the assumptions of industry 4.0.
Close international cooperation within the partnership of cities in the Czech Republic (Karvina, Havirov) and Germany (Ibbenburen) in the field of supporting the digital transformation of the economy and public services in the context of industry 4.0.
Cooperation with institutional partners - GIG Research Institute, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Social Insurance Company (ZUS), Tax Office, Katowice Special Economic Zone.